Welcome to the Hospice House Network Blog

Greetings and welcome to the new blog of the Hospice House Network, which is a coalition of hospice professionals that operate, are planning or dream of building a Hospice House facility to supplement their home-based continuum of services with a specialized setting and level of care for those hospice patients who cannot be in their own homes.

You can read more about the Hospice House concept and access pictures and other information by visiting the webpage at www.hospicehouse.us. We also operate a Listserv for member hospices to exchange questions and perspectives on operating a hospice unit or facility – whether general inpatient, residential or a combination of care levels. We also have an archive of newsletters full of pictures, stories and information. But increasingly we find that the newsletter medium is a slow-moving, hard-to-access method for bringing Hospice House advocates together.

That is why we have established this blog as a more timely way to share items about the development of the Hospice House concept. Please bookmark this page and let us know what you think.

Larry Beresford, Editor and Publisher

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