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Click here for the complementary September 2014 issue of The Flutter, the quarterly illustrated newsletter of the Hospice House Network. If you like what you see, please consider joining the network by clicking on the Subscribe tab above for a subscription form.

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Welcome to the Hospice House Network

The Hospice House Network is a virtual community of hospice professionals, volunteers and others who have an abiding interest in the provision of hospice care in a facility. Our mission is to provide a forum for collaboration, problem solving and sharing for the benefit of hospice care facilities across the country and the patients and families they serve. Our vision is to rekindle that sense of community and support among hospice providers that we once knew. Some of our most important work is still in front of us, and we believe that our best efforts going forward will reflect a spirit of cooperation and collaboration.

We include in this “Hospice House” lexicon those hospice facilities that directly provide hospice general inpatient care (including respite care), hospice residential care or a mixture of the two. We make no distinction between those who have bought or built their hospice house space from those who lease space. The Network is intended not only for those who are already engaged in the provision of facility-based hospice services, but also for those who are earnestly pursuing development of hospice houses.

Annual membership is only $190. Mebership brings access to the web site, and our quarterly newsletter (The Flutter) that will highlight ongoing developments and challenges of facility-based hospice care. Perhaps most importantly, through the list serve you will be part of a growing nationwide community of colleagues working to make Hospice Houses a success by sharing questions, frustrations, ideas and solutions.

The first edition of The Flutter is available to everyone. And that is just the beginning. In the future, we will be adding more resources, photos and links in the Members Section. We also hope to be able to sponsor interactive events to bring people together to work on such things as best practices, conduct “SurveyMonkey®” type research and more. So, become a member, and join the fun.

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